Monday, November 5, 2012

The right Toys - umm tools for the right job - CeCe makes it easier

One of the good things about having my own shop is that I get to try new things and I get to buy new toys....or tools and fun products.
I  love painting with CeCe Caldwell Paints. I love painting with a brush but my hubby likes to "get things done." So he bought himself a Graco Sprayer. I don't mind using a manual stapler but the hubby got a new compressor and staple gun. 
I don't mind sanding by that was a lie... I hate sanding by hand. My hubby bought me a Craftsman Cordless Multi tool.  I guess what I am trying to get to is that I am finally understanding what my hubby meant when he says "the right tool for the right job."
So today I decided to work on a little table that the hubby bought while out picking. It had great lines but some cosmetic problems.

She has rings and some scratches that look like they may have been inflicted by a cats claws.
So I took my little Craftsman Multi Tool Sander and made quick work of sanding the top smooth and removing the old finish. The legs took a little longer but again with the right tool it goes quick and easy.

After sanding down the top I used two coats of dark walnut stain to cover. I love how easy it i to just wipe it on and then wipe off.

The bottom legs got just one coat of Mississippi Mud - again the right tool. This paint goes on so richly and covers so nicely, it makes painting so easy.
 I love this color...kind of a neutral without being white.

Once the paint dried, which took about 25 is cold here. I waxed with clear wax...including the stained top ( I waited overnight for the stain to dry first.)

I wanted to add some more dimension to the table so I tried something that I had not tried before but heard lots of the gals talking about. Natural powder pigments....a new toy.
We do have a wonderful dark wax but I liked the idea of being able to mix any color wax in any amount that I needed.
You only need a very small amount of pigment to do 4 oz of wax - which is plenty for several projects....a little dab will do ya.

So you take just a tiny bit - about 1/8 teaspoon and equal parts of denatured alcohol - vodka works well too. Mix this together into a paste and take this tiny amount and mix it very well into about 3 or 4 oz of wax. as I say and not as I do...mix it well...more well than this.

I painted it on and wiped it back and I loved the look. Really that easy...just wipe on with a chip brush and then wipe it back with a cloth.

After about an hour I got to use my last new buffing brush. If you have not tried one of these you do not know what you are missing out on. I love the look and feel of a buffed piece - it also adds to the durability of piece.
Take a look at this sweet toy.

And then you do this.

Yup, I got your attention now don't I? It whips right through buffing, removing extra wax and what a shine.
I tell ya - you gotta get one of these little babies.

So the finished product.

The top.

Sexy long and curvy legs.

All ready for a new home.

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  1. Love what you did to this table...trying to find out where to order the pigments and buffing brush..couldn't seem to find it.
    What color pigment did you use on the table.

    1. I thought that I had them added in. I used a black pigment to match the top of the table. I will check and get right back to you. Thanks so much. Leslie

    2. Hey there, I just added in the buffing brush and would be happy to include a little sample of the pigment for you to try if you like. Just mention Plant lady when you order.
      I am waiting for additional pigments at the moment. Thanks so much. Please let me know if you have any questions. Leslie

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  3. I LOVE how your table turned out!! Those are my colors!!

  4. Love how your table turned out! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  5. Hello...I just found you! I was born and raised in Spokane. I live in Arizona now and a constant user of CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint. I am a guest painter a couple times a month at the Furniture Affair in Phoenix. Anyway...happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @


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