Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting my ArtSeY FaRtSEy (AF) Back

So, this past June I celebrated my 3rd Anniversary of my store.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, that "I am living my dream". I really mean that....everyday I get to go to my shop and create, paint, meet great people and decorate. All of the things that I love to do and I make a pretty good living doing it. I get to try out my ideas and most of the time someone wants to buy them. A win- win for all of us.
So what is the problem with this you might ask? Well, when I first started out, I feel like I was more creative. Or perhaps, I should say,  felt like I could be more creative. Of course, I had more time then - I didn't have the customer traffic. I was talking to my husband the other day and asked him if he remembered when the store was first everything was always so cute....all of the displays were perfect.... the floors always always washed? We would sit around in this gorgeous little store and wait for customers...but it looked great.
I spent a lot of time crafting, decoupaging dressers and tables, doing hand painting, hand lettering and sewing  and such.
Now, I have customers waiting at the door when we get to the store to open. Gone are the days, that our gorgeous displays last more than a day or two. 
Now, I am not complaining...I feel blessed for every single customer and for how busy our shop has become. 
Again, you might ask, "so what is the problem?"  Well, as our business has grown, it has become a matter of volume...the more you sell the more you have to paint to replace the inventory. When trying to increase our volume it is sometimes necessary to cut out the Artsey Fartsey stuff.  What I mean is that sometimes the plain  white or black or just blue is what sells.
Lately, I have been feeling not as satisfied with just painting something white. I want to make something different. Sometimes something blingy or unexpected....something one of kind.
Do you know the feeling? I don't just want to pump out the furniture. I want to be able to take time to make something really special. Not to say that I don't sometimes want to paint something white....I love that....but not just because I have to pump out something to fill my store.
So, I have decided that I have to find a happy medium. I need to be able to do some Artsey Fartsey (AF)stuff...and still fill the store with gorgeous things that are more mainstream.
Today, I was feeling AF.

Of course, I forgot a before picture.
I got this little solid wood desk that has a lift up top. I think it may have been a sewing machine or type writer cabinet in its previous life.
It had beautiful wood that was in bad shape in some places. I didn't want to paint all of this gorgeous wood but had to do something. I decided to leave the inserts and drawers without paint and did the top in a reverse stencil so that the wood grain would show through.
I happen to love it. I am curious to see what you think.

This color is CeCe Caldwells Vermont Slate and is a gorgeous charcoal, slate color.
You can order Ce Ce Colors online from us. Just click here.   Please know that I didn't end up doing this desk without some resistance. My Junk Hunk thinks it would be better with the top painted solid and the drawers painted two tone....what do you think? I know I am feeling better now.


  1. I love it. :) The whole idea of buying from a shop like yours is to get something unique and not cookie cutter.

  2. I love this. The contrast between the wood and slate paint is done beautifully. Gives more interest and even visual texture to the top. from a distance in one of the pictures it actually looked like a leather top because of the high and low colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Ahhhh, thanks Bethany. I love this look too.

  3. I agree with Sherry. I have the same problem sometimes. It's so hard for a creative person to just paint & call it good. You are creating one of a kind pieces. It might take alittle longer to sell, but eventually that one person will walk thru the door & have to have it. Your shop is so busy because of your talent. People can't wait to see what you create next. Sometimes when the "AF" voice calls, you need to answer. That's when you do your best work. Just keep painting beautiful stuff & you'll be one happy girl. It works for me. Thanks for sharing, Dee from My Painted Stuff

    1. Thanks Dee - I agree. It is important to answer the creative voice when it starts whispering in your ear. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it so very much. Leslie

  4. I love it!!! Your store is exactly the kind of place I love to shop in! Bravo to you!

  5. You should hire someone to just do the plain painting. Even Michelangelo had his helpers! :-)

  6. You should hire someone to just do the plain painting. Even Michelangelo had his helpers! :-)


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