Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am now a Wedding Planner. A little tutorial as well.

Ok, so maybe, technically...I am not a wedding planner...officially. But I think every woman at some time is or has been a wedding planner....whether we want to admit it or not.
I love everything there is about weddings. I love the beautiful decor, the delectable food and I love ...the love.
I adore looking at wedding photos...even of people that I do not know...I know...I can't help it. And it is not that I am a youngster...I am 49 ish. Weddings are just gorgeous and fun.
So when I heard that the theme for the Feb. Junk Show was White and Weddings...I was in heaven.
I immediately started planning least decor.
A few of the things that I love in the wedding trends right now is vintage weddings. The other is how each couple is making their special day their own. Stepping out of the box with decor and more.
One of the things that I love about my work is taking orphaned things and making them into something different and beautiful.
So I took some pretty but otherwise fairly forgettable things and put them together to make something new.
I love how vintage silver and rust seems to go together. I know I am not alone here. I also love the clear glass. I took a couple of candlesticks and glass plates to make a cute little cake plate. I know, not the breaking vintage crafting news of the year...but I love the look. I also like the old, chippy, rusty white fencing that I added.
The other things that I put together were candlesticks and old insulators.
The old insulators can be found almost anywhere for next to nothing.
I just got a huge box of them in different sizes at a local junk sale.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures but I think you can get an idea.
After washing both insulators and candlesticks, you simply use E6000 to glue the insulator to the candlestick. You can use a bit of hot glue to hold everything in place until everything dries.
After it dries, come the really fun part. I ripped up some old linen fabric and used it for ribbon. You can add some bling or flowers or old buttons...GO WILD SISTA'!!!
These look gorgeous in a grouping and they are sparkly when illuminated with a little votive candle.
I will have some for sale at the Junk Sale if you are inclined to make your own. Along with lots of other fun goodies.
Come check it out. I know my Junkin' Sisters have lots planned too.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keeping it Green!

Part of the reason that we love what we do is that we can take things that have been discarded or orphaned and make them desirable and beautiful again.
A couple of months ago a friend of ours, Don, found the top of an old cedar chest. It was beautiful but was missing the chest. It was just the lid - beautfiul but orphaned. He could not leave it in the pile to have the wood recycler grind it up, so he carried it home. He is a wood guy. He salvages any wood that he thinks that he can use. His garage is full.
His wife told me that he talked about this gorgeous piece of wood and planned and fussed about it for weeks. Finally, she told him to just build a box and so.... he did.
He built a box from reclaimed wood including the cedar lining.
He then brought this gorgeous piece to us to complete the process.
We sanded that gorgeous top and stained it a rich Jacobean. We finished the box that was so lovingly built with CeCe Caldwell Green Paint in Omaha Ochre.
We love the contrast and the outcome.
This little honey is now ready for a new home. You can't get much greener than this sweet piece of furniture.
Rescued, reworked and then finished in a great green product.
She is ready for adoption at Orphaned Decor....ready for a new lifetime.

Sorry we have no before pics....we were so excited to get this piece done...well, you know the story.
If you would like to try some of our new Ce Ce Caldwell paint on your own projects - you can order online - just click the shop now tabe at the top of the page.
Our new Sedona Red is coming out this week...with 13 more colors coming in the next few weeks.
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