Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!! White Christmas??

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I would love to show you pictures of our wonderful feast and the people that we shared it with but I was not quick enough to capture pictures of our mountain of food....and let's face it, pictures of people sleeping with their pants unbuttoned.... is well, just not appetizing.
It has been snowing here all day. It feels more like Christmas than Thanksgiving.
Unfortunently, you can't see how pretty the snow is in the light - it glitters.
Mother Nature is certainly going to give us a White Christmas here in Spokane.

I decided to do a bit of crafting in this chilly weather - 13 below last night.
I love glitter - not a secret. I found a lovely snowman that needed a little lift, so out came some of goodies and I dressed her and her little gal - yes, I made her into a Snow Lady - She is ready for Black Friday Shopping.

I don't think that it necessarily has to be a white Christmas only - do you?

Stop by the store on Black Friday. It is warm inside with lots of Christmas gifts and decor. We also will have drinks to warm you up and goodies to keep your shopping energy up.

I have a set of two of these chairs. I am not quite done with recovering them but they should be available in a day or so.
Do you think I should stencil them?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Farm Chicks and All that Glitter

Just got back from the All that Glitter open house. I have never actually gotten inside of this little shop but have longingly peered through the windows many times. It did not disappoint. The entire place, although smaller is impeccably decorated with to die for goodies. There are beautiful vignettes and original, handmade treasures everywhere you look. I was amazed at the detail and the, well, glitter. Anyone that knows me knows I love me some glitter. I have almost crashed my car looking at my engagement ring in the sunshine.
That being said, these ladies did not disappoint - even glittering cookies.

There were dreamy Christmas ideas and gifts as well.
I also got to meet Serena from Farm Chicks fame. I came around a display and she smiled her great smile and I acted like I just met the queen. ...well, the queen of junk anyway. She was very gracious and allowed me to snap a picture with her.

I immediately fled the scene. A small scene, but a scene never the less. I was excited to finally get to meet Serena in person. After retrieving my MAN from the car - you would think after 10 years he would be used to my embarrassing antics - we went and visited the festively decorated This Old House.
They also had gorgeous displays and great treats.

Both shops will be open tomorrow and have wonderful selections of Seasonal Decor and Gift Ideas.
After checking them out - come by and see what we have in store at Orphaned Decor.

Happy Holidays Girls!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Ritters Sale this weekend!!

Mark your calendars for a great sale that is coming up this weekend. Vintage Sale at Ritters Green House - 10120 N. Division, Spokane. Saturday November 6th - 9AM to 6 PM and Sunday November 7th - 10AM to 5:30 PM.
There are going to be over 27 vintage vendors, handmade goodies, great Christmas decor and gifts, delish food and drinks and alot more.
We will be there with some special finds we saved just for the show. We have also been working on some gorgeous French Inspired, one of a kind, Christmas stockings and decor.
The shop will also be open for exploring. Please come by either the show or shop and find yourself some special treats.