Monday, May 17, 2010

Is black the new black???

I have beem away from blogging but have been reading all of your blogs faithfully. My mom has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and we are ralling as a family to provide care and support. Please keep my parents in your prayers.

Now I will admit that I am a die hard, shabby chic, white loving alot of you out there. But, that beautiful black is starting to really grow one me. The more I see and do for my customers...the more I like it.
It is funny, some pieces just scream, " I want to be white!!" or "I must be black!!" Don't act like I am crazy know you hear it too!! Lately, more pieces are aching to be ebony.
I was lucky enough to get some good pickin's from one of my Junk hunks demolition jobs. I brought home a great salvaged cabinet. It was first rescued from a school house and then from this old farm.
It is sturdy and dirty...just they way I like 'em. I cleaned him up and gave him a new coat of black beauty and....well, you be the judge.

This would be perfect in any room that needs extra storage. Who can't use extra storage??

I also love the French Apartment look. I know, I am always a little late when it comes to next big thing. I decided to try my hand at some of the great stenciling that I have drolled over on other blogs.
First up, this cute little pair of chairs. They had great lines and the gal that I got them from said she paid over $60.00 a yard for the ugly fabric that was on them...pssst....they saw her coming.
I think they turned out pretty cute.

I even cut my own stencil... which I will doing alot more of. It is very easy.

Of course, after the success of the Paris chairs - I went stencil crazy...running around stenciling anything that didn't move. I know you that you have done this too....right? You have done this before...right?

This is a sturdy, old waterfall dresser that had seen better days. Now she is gorgeous and ready for a new French home.

And last but not least, I decided to jump on the number train. I love all of the numbered pieces of furniture and decor. I had again, a sturdy but dirty chair that needed rescuing. I painted it black and free-handed a loverly No. 5 on the back. Why 5? I like the way it looks...just that simple.

I really love that classy, sophisticated black look. Kind of all growed up. Maybe, black is the new black?