Sunday, June 23, 2013

American Paint Company - Why we switched

For those of us who know us - you know that we were retailers for CeCe Caldwell Paint. We loved the paints and used it every single day in our shop for about 14 months. We were one of the first retailers to sign on and sung its praises.
We have since found a paint that we love even more and we are happy to announce that we were chosen to be distributors of this wonderful paint.
American Paint Company is like the other paint in that it is all natural, chalk and clay based paint, no VOCS and non toxic. It also cleans up with soap and water and is so easy to use.

That is about where the similarities end.

American Paint Company is thick and luscious - it is so thick in some cases that you actually need to thin it down to use it. It covers so much better and goes so much further. 
The colors are beautiful and vibrant. 

The maker of this paint has been making these products for over 25 years and knows all of the ins and outs of her products... she knows the best applications and how each product should be used and how it will hold up. She is quickly responsive with questions or challenges that arise. This company is very retailer oriented. They know how important their retailers are to the success of the company and do everything they can to make them successful.

They are great listeners - we request a change and it is done - we suggest new products and they are manufactured.

The wax is amazing... soft and easy to use and smells like honey. The top coat finish is like nothing else on the market...again, easy to use and so durable.

You have to try this paint to really believe how wonderful it is. No sanding, no priming and no hassle use.

We are currently looking for retailers in WA, ID,OR, MT, WY, ND, SD, AK and BC Canada.
If you or someone you might be interested contact us... we love to talk paint.