Monday, July 16, 2012

A kick in the pants by a new CeCe Caldwell Color - Myrtle Beach Sand

 I love what I do. Everyday single day I feel thankful and blessed about the fact that I get to do exactly what I love for a living. But even with that - sometimes - I am ashamed to say - sometimes I don't feel it. I am not inspired - I DON'T WANT TO PAINT!!! There I said it.
Sometimes a piece that is great doesn't speak to me - I wait and nothing but crickets....
So when the new CeCe Caldwell Colors arrived last week. I was so excited. I was ripping every box open as quickly as I could to see the little smudge on the top of each precious can . What gorgeous colors. Each color better than the last. Now my only problem is which to use first!!!

This little dresser is solid wood and had a lot of potential...I could see this but I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

Believe it or not - customers actually came in and said that they loved what I had done with I think maybe I have done a few too many very distressed pieces as of late.

I had to sand the top of the dresser because of the awful paint job. It started coming off pretty easy so I decided to try to take it all off and stain the top. So that is just what I did. Took it all off and then stained it a Jacobean and then clear waxed the top...with a little buffing it shines.

Now to decide what to paint the bottom. I had just seen a wonderful armoire  painted in our New Michigan Pine. I started to paint this piece in Michigan Pine but it just didn't seem to do the next?
I painted a nice coat of  Myrtle Beach Sand over the Pine. I originally was not going to distress this piece but when I started to lightly sand I could see the Pine just peeking distressed. Some places to the wood and some just to show the Pine peeking through.
After a clear wax, I added some light aging wax and buffed. I love this look.

A new color is sometimes all of the kick in the pants that I need. This piece is ready for adoption.

Check out all of our new colors....might just give you the kick in the pants that you are looking for.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orphaned Decor and CeCe Caldwell are being featured at Redoux

I was lucky enough to be interviewed and featured at Redoux Blog this morning. This is a such a fun and creative place. Go over and visit Karen and all of her great ideas and projects.
You can find her here.