Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Story of Sleeping Beauty

It as been warm here for the last two weeks. At least warm for here - in the 50's last week. This time last year we had record snow fall. My wishing for spring may be working.
Since it has been so nice, things have been incredibly busy at the shop. It has also given us a chance to do some painting.
Last week we found the sweetest, antique full size bed. It was in beautiful condition except for the finish. It is the kind with all of the romantic embellishments and the curved footboard. I love the look of these beds. They are so feminine.
The person that gave it up had had it for about 50 years and she bought it from an antique shop.
We tried to salvage the original finish but it just wasn't salavable...sooo.... out came the primer and the creamy cottage white paint. She now is ready for a new home.
This bed is beautiful. I would put it in my guest room if I could get it up the stairs. I have one of those great old homes that have the cute little rooms upstairs. Unfortunently, you have to scale a very curvy set of stair to get there.
Here are some pictures of this "Sleeping Beauty". I could stay in this bed all day.

This is a close up of the graceful headboard.

Lovin' that curvy footboard.

I am working on finishing up on a curvy dresser shown in a previous post that will
match this bed perfectly. I love when a plan comes together.

I also am working on lots of girlie, pink goodies to go along with this Sleeping Beauty.


  1. What a gorgeous bed fit for a queen!
    My sister and I happened up on one similar.
    We were wondering around an antique store and found it leaning against a corner wall.
    We immediately started pulling it out and looking it over, then oohing and ahhhing she bought it. That was two years ago and it is still in her garage!!!! Bad girl.
    Maybe I can talk her out of it. um....

    Anyway, it won't be long before someone takes it home.


  2. WOW Your a girl after my heart. I used to live in Vancouver, B.C.
    I would have been at your door in a heart beat.
    I'm now in Ontario, Canada...way too far. I do visit my BFF though. Might just have to look you up.
    I ADORE everything. Those curtains I LOVE... the lounger, I have a hot pink one, the pink tree, the chair...Hey maybe the curtains are for sale??????
    Love your site and your finds.
    Love Claudie
    I don't use my google account, that's why I haven't commented. I'm at

  3. I have almost the same exact bed... except mine is still in the original finish... I've been toying with painting it white... but have hesitated because I wasn't sure what it would look like...(and the fact that I also have the dresser and the chest of drawers).. paint it all? I love the way yours looks... I'm leaning to "white" now...

  4. I came upon your blog in my travels...and I am so happy to have landed here!

    As a matter of fact I see Ms Dixie has commented right above, small world!

    I am a Muse of many colors...but I do use accents of aged white finishes in my cottage...looks like I will be here again to be sure :)

    Now, I want to go explore your blog some more :)

  5. Lovely Sleeping Beauty - I'm sure that Prince Charming will be in any day now to sweep her off of her feet!


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