Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blame it on the Snow!

I wish I could blame my not blogging yesterday on the snow...but I really can't. So back to our giveaway!!
We got just skiff of snow today and then a whole lot of freezing rain. It was a bit like a skating rink everywhere. But that did not stop the pink ladies from coming out in droves. I love when a group of girls come in and shop together. They have such a good time and it just makes me happy to listen to them and meet them. By the time many of them leave I feel like we have been friends for years. I have been racing to try to keep up with things flying out of the store. It is a good problem to have but it is challenging.
Today, a gorgeous, antique vanity was adopted before I even had it put back together. A loving grandma snatched it up for her grandchild. She and my hubby had it loaded into her car before I could snap a picture of it. I also found homes for big, antique dresser with mirror, a vintage table and chairs, a pair of upolsterd chairs, a antique record cabinet and lots more...I have lots of space to play and lots to paint...yeeks!!
I love finding homes for older pieces. I love that other's can see the beauty and character of the previously adored.
I am starting to put out some of my Valentine goodies. I love to decorate for Valentine's Day...probably because I love pink.
I chose this little loverly to add to the giveaway trove.

I couldn't get a great picture of this pretty little heart. It is covered with lots of glitter and has the cutest little cherub on the other side...I could not get it to turn out at all. You will have to believe me when I tell you it is sooo adorable.
I am also going to include a hand poured candle made by the most wonderul candle maker named Valerie. She uses re-purposed containers and soy/palm oil for long, burning, delishious smelling candles. She does alot of different fragrances but including lots of whites and pinks especially for my shop. I love opening the door in the morning - it smells like heaven.

I have lots of new goodies coming in - furniture, jewerly and more candles and soaps perfect for your Valentines sweety.

Tune it tomorrow for more peaks.


  1. Sounds like it was a great day for adoptions! So glad the orphans found good homes. Can't wait to see more of your goodies. That ornament looks very cute!!!!

  2. Leslie... it's been such a cold and dreary weekend... I just want to jump right into that photo in your header... grab a good book, and cozy up on the chaise... aaahhhh...

  3. Leslie:
    What a beautiful little ornament, and a generous gift. Hope you'll visit Brynwood when you get a chance.


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