Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And the winner is!!!

It has been so, so busy at the store. It is a wonderful problem to have. We have been moving things and out so quickly. We have been shopping, painting, arranging and starting all over again.
My sweet chaise has found a new home...I am sad to see her go....but a sweet woman bought it for her sister as a surprise gift. She will undoubtedly be loved and cared for, for many years to come.
I have been working on some crafty goodies when I have time to add to the shop. I have always loved the crocheted rag rugs, so decided to try my hand at one.

I used some vintage fabrics and think it turned out pretty well. These are wonderful because they are completely machine washable and so soft but heavy duty.
I am working on some other's with the shabby chic colors. I am happy to take orders for these pretties as well. Cost is only $38.00 plus postage if you would like one for your home.

Even though I love white and pink - I love the simplicity and sophistication of black. We have added some wonderful black pieces to the store.

This is the sweetest, little vintage vanity. It has the arms that you can add fabric to, to make a skirt. It also has shelves to display your fab high heels. We painted it Paris chic black and added a mirror to the top....and wouldn't you sold before I could finish the display.
I also tried my hand at adding some vintage chic to some of my smaller orphans. I love the vintage sheet music look and thought I would try it out.

I am not great at photography but tried to give you a close up look. I am also not as talented as many of the talented artists out there but thought they turned out pretty cute. I think they will easily find new homes.
My jun

My junk hunk took on a bigger project. I love the look of this solid maple china hutch in chic black.

This pretty gal was a little sad looking and outdated, but she had great lines and the nicest plate rail....a little make up was all it took to bring out her natural beauty again.

A great place to display your ironware or some hot red dishes for Valentines decor.

Now for the announcement you have all been waiting for. I wish I had something for everyone that left a kind comment, signed up to be a follower or sweet enough to tell their friends about my blog. It was so excited for me to sign in everyday...many times a day...and see more folks and more kind words.
The lucky winner of the drawing is Dixie of French Lique!!! She has a wonderful blog and is a kind soul.

Thanks again to everyone for playing along. Please continue to stop by. I will have to have another giveaway soon!!! It is just too much fun!!!!



  1. Black is so smart looking, I agree. Sweet little mirrored table.

  2. I know you have been busy! Sad to hear my pink chase left the shop, but at least it has a good home. I'm just too far away to claim it. Love the black, what a difference a coat of paint can make. My Mom has a hutch she wants to get rid of and I believe it will be mine and painted! Congrats to Dixie at French Lique I love her fun blog.

  3. Oh - Im bummed out that it's not me, but congrats to Dixie! I love the addition of black to the pink - that's what I did for my daughter's room -

  4. Congratulations, Dixie! Thanks for sharing the photos today of all your redecorated finds. The hutch is really beautiful and would be the perfect stage for someone's well-loved creamware!

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog! I live in Kalispell and we were in Spokane a few weeks ago when I drove by your place. I can not WAIT to stop in!! :) Come visit my blog when you get a chance! So glad you're on blogland ;)


  6. Hi The rug you made is so cute and also the candle holders with the sheet music embellishments. They turned out wonderful! I'm kind of hung up on sheet music - it looks fabulous.

    The hutch was truly saved by the black paint! It's amazing the difference - from dowdy to divine!

    I enjoyed looking around at previous posts so I decided to join as your follower. Come see me when you can and I'd be honored if you'd follow me also.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. Oh Leslie... what a surprize to find that I won your wonderful giveaway... My youngest daughter has been visiting for the past week and I have been remiss in my blog visiting... so I just dropped by to see what lovelies you'd posted this week... I am thirilled-thrilled to be the lucky winner!

    clapping happy hands and shouting Yippeeeee!

  8. oh... and ps... I meant to say... I love the black china hutch! fantastic! I want to paint my china cabinet black, but haven't mustered up the courage... yet!

  9. Leslie. I was going to email my address to you but I couldn't find an email address to send to...

    you can contact me at

  10. Leslie. I am so disappointed that I've still not received my giveaway from you. :(


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