Saturday, December 8, 2012

I love me some Stencils!!

I love me some stencils!! I love the look of typography and wonderful artistic additions to furniture. I would love to be able to say that I can do it all by hand....I can do some of the artsy stuff myself but a good stencil makes it so much better and easier.
The problem that I have here in the town that I live in is that there is really no place to buy great stencils. The typical Hobby Lobby, Michaels and blah, blah, blah.....nothing really great. 
Then I found a great company that makes great stencils and I decided that I would carry them in my shop and offer them online.
Last week we were giddy with anticipation waiting for them to arrive. When they did I quickly opened one and started working with it right away.

This little lady was very pretty in her Vintage White and Clear and Dark wax but her top was a little funky because she had some old wallpaper on the top that I could not get completely I added this French Post Card Stencil and added some dark wax. I think it looks like an old letter and I love this. I actually want to take this little baby home.

Next up was another pretty table that I did in Vintage White and Clear Wax... pretty curves and a nice big table top that was just ...well...blah...It needed something special. I love the french script that is so popular and I opened up the nice big French Script Stencil. I positioned it so it looked like the script was running through the table...if that makes sense....even if it doesn't, it looks great. I used Seattle Mist Gray and lightly distressed it.....again, I love this look.

So soft, I think it looks like it has been there for a long time....just what I wanted.
My friend also used this stencil on a sofa table that she did in Seattle Mist and stenciling in Vermont Slate. It looks like someone took a pen and wrote out a beautiful love letter.

Oh, those were not the only stencils that we got or played with....but these are the couple that we got all done. I can't wait to try these on some fabric and pillows. There are lots and lots of gorgeous stencils on my website now and more coming.

If you are interested in ordering some you can order HERE!
There are several other designs coming soon.

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