Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Impressions - store windows.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I have heard that many, many times. I think for a little shop that is especially true.
My little shop is on a main street in Spokane but is sort of non-discript on the outside. During the summer months when the weather is great, we put lots of pretty items that catch potential shoppers attention - of course, it is also light outside until later.
During these darker winter months we can't put the beautiful pieces outdoors because of the weather and in the later afternoon the darkness. People constantly tell me they just noticed the store or how much nicer and bigger it is inside.
In order, to give everyone a better idea about what we have to offer. I built some elevated platforms in order to better display our goodies.
Today I worked on both of our front windows and thought I would give you a little peek.
 During  the day light hours. We are getting ready for Girls Day Out here in town and trying to decorate in pink - which is not hard for us to do at all.
I added some light to the windows to grab some attention in the darker hours. I love the pink glow.

This is our other front window. I love the black and french look and have so many great things it is hard to decide what to use. The black chandelir and lamp add some light to this window when it gets a little darker.

We also have been working in the store - adding some Christmas stuff here and there. I will post some pics tomorrow.

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