Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Happy Accident - Story of a little table that would not behave.

Have you ever done a project with a certain  look or finish in mind but the piece will not cooperate?
That is how this story begins. I have had this little table for a bit now and wanted to do something really fun with it. Finally, I had the vision and decided to start working on it.
The vision was to sand down the top of the table  - then to use my new stencil and use stain to stencil the top and paint the bottom in a nice neutral.
So I sanded down the top of the table - not realizing that the top actually had a veneer on it. To make a long story short - there were a couple of places that got a little more sanded than some others, leaving light spots.....darned sander...I am sure it is defective.
Anyway, I thought no big deal - I will go ahead and do my stencil technique. I used a brand new script stencil that has just come out and a foam brush and gently sponged stain onto the stencil. 
I thought this will cover the light spots or disquise them....not so much.  I did not take pics of this ugliness because at the time I thought I would have to paint over the top to hide them. 
Them I had the bright idea that I would dark wax over the light spots and that would blend in the lighter spots. So I waxed and wiped and waxed and waxed and waited.....nothing...not a bit darker. So I thought I will leave the dark wax on over night...brilliant.....I know. So I did. The next morning, I can into hardened dark wax in globs on the light spots...what was I thinking....I buffed my butt off and finally had to sand off the dark wax.... yeeks. 
 Can you see the ugly dark marks? Yup, dark wax blobs. I didn't take pics of that either because again, I thought I am going to have to paint the top....but I loved the stained script and really did not want to cover it up....sigh., I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to paint over the stained script and decided that I would use Virginia Chestnut. So I painted over the top of my gorgeous stained stencil.
I just couldn't leave it be....all covered up...that pretty stained, I decided to just try and wipe some of the Virginia Chestnut off to reveal the script here and there. One of the things that I love about CeCe Caldwells All Natural Chalk and Clay Paints is that you can distress the paint simply by using a damp cloth. I wetted a cloth and went to it. I figured if worse came to worse, I could always paint over it again.
So I wiped and looked ....wiped and looked....I liked what I saw. It looked like the paint was worn away exposing the pretty stained stencil...yay. I wiped it back a bit until basically the ugly dark and light spots were left covered and the rest revealed......A Happy Accident!!!! 
I love it and am soooo pleased with myself.

I added some clear wax and a good buffing had it looking great. It actually looks better and more subtle in person but I don't have great lighting for pics...but you get the idea. The customers in the store all loved it as I was finishing it up.

I love how the top turned out. I decided I would paint a coat of Virginia on the bottom followed by a coat of Myrtle Beach Sand - some light distressing and clear wax...and voila... she is ready for a new home.

She is so cute in person. If you are close come by and take a look. I already am thinking about the next project that I am going to use this technique on...a nice drop leaf table...I think. I love this stencil and will have it available in just a couple of days. 
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This girl is ready for adoption. What do you think? Happy Accident?


  1. love this , it's like uncovering secret treasure!

  2. I absolutely love this and want to try something similiar. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I sometimes feel that the piece "talks" to us as we are in the process of re-finishing it.... you can start out with something in mind, but a different, but beautiful end result just" happens". This turned out wonderful!!

  4. Running across your page on Pinterest was great! Where in Spokane is your store located??


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