Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Coat (of paint) of many colors - CeCe makes it easy

People ask me all the time how CeCe Caldwells Paint and some of the other paints on the market at the moment are different. There are a ton of differences.
One of the ones that I enjoy the most is the subtle changes in the color of our paint.
Because our paint is made not only of  natural chalk but also clays - you can add some dimension to your painted pieces simply by lightly sanding or burnishing the paint.
I get asked all of the time "What did you put over the paint to make it look like that?" Nothing, is my answer, our paint does all of the work.
After painting your piece, you simply need to use a very fine sand paper - I use 320 grit and do a little sanding. That find paper will burnish the paint, highlight any brush strokes or roller marks or imperfections in the paint..leaving a slight differing in the color.

 Destin Gulf Green  - you can see the burnished brush strokes.

Kentucky Mint

Seattle Mist.

I love that the color variations can add some dimension and interest to a piece when it lacks embellishments or when you don't want to distress.

What if you don't want to see the brush marks or the color variations? Use a coarser grit sand paper, don't sand or when putting on your second coat when brushing your paint on - dip your brush in some water first and then load with paint - less brush marks...

Give it a's paint made easy.

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  1. Hi! So want to try the Ce Ce Paints on some of our projects! You make it look so easy too! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on our blog, I love that your mom & dad wrote love letters to each other...very sweet! Warm Monday hugs to you!!

    xoxo Glad & Celia


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