Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a little change makes a big difference

This may come as a surprise but not every orphaned piece of furniture that we find are necessarily pretty.
Some are covered in cobwebs, some are two spider jobs, some are covered in ugly paint and some are covered in uuuuuummmmmm......other "STUFF".

It may also come as surprise that my dear junk hunk sometimes does not see the potential that I see....I know, hard to believe...I know.
I can always tell when he doesn't agree with my purchases. There is a always a big, toothy smile - you know the one - the smile that says "Really? I can't let you go anywhere by yourself." Followed by the always anticipated "Sweeeeettyyyy." Said in that shame on you tone.

I knew that I would see and hear that all too familiar "What were you thinking?" attitude...when I brought this sweet little find home.  

Now, I personally thought this piece had lots of potential, in spite of the wonderful rope handles. My junk hunk personally thought...and was willing to share those thoughts.....that I should have thrown this piece away and certainly should not waste my time painting it.

It is solid wood. It has great carved details. All of the drawers open and close great and are like new inside. What is not to love?

After I cleaned it up a bit, I filled the old hardware holes. They were really close together making it almost Then, I broke out the CeCe Caldwell Vintage White... while the junk hunk was gone.....No sanding or priming, just brush is on.
Did a little distressing to bring out some of those great carvings and then gave it a hand waxed finish...super easy. Finally, I drilled some new holes and added a few pretty as can be porcelain rose handles.

A few little changes added up to this sweet piece.

This sweetheart has already found a new home.

Not saying "I told you so...but..."

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  1. Talk about change; I never would have recognized the "after" from the "before" if not in the same post,lol. Cece's sounds like an answer to my respiratory issues with paint & sanding!


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