Monday, March 12, 2012

My love affair with Vintage White.

Is it wrong to say that "Vintage White" is my favorite color? I mean.. white is actually the absence of color... or at least I have heard that... Never the less...It is my favorite color.
 I have long been a fan of shabby chic decor. I have heard that it is out of style and that wouldn't surprise me because I am not always in style..I know a big shock for those of you that know how fashionable I am.
I love the way a coat of creamy white paint can transform an otherwise ugly piece of furniture.
I heard that back in the day, that rich folks would take their old but expensive furnishings and put them in their summer homes. They would cover the old pieces, some with gilded features, with a coat of white paint to update them and make them more suitable and less formal for their summer places. Makes sense to me. Thus, the look was born.
Regardless of where it came from - excuse me Ms. Ashwell - I love it still and so do a lot of my customers.
Last week we found this poor orphaned china hutch. 
Yes, I know that she is outdated and not so...ummm...great, but she has good bones. Becauseof that we thought we would give her another chance. We covered her in two coats of CeCe Caldwells Vintage White. If you haven't used CeCe's paint, you should. I glides on and covers to well with no vocs or smell. You can paint inside which is a great thing when it is cold and blowing outside. You don't have to sand or prime either - even on this slick surface. You can also use the buttery wax indoors as well. It has no petroleum in it so it doesn't have the awful smell of gasoline that some other popular brands do.
After just a couple of hours of work including some light distressing and waxing this is what we ended up with.
She looks like a whole new girl to me. We got rid of her criss cross braces and look how she shines. She is now looking for a new home.

This is another project that was transformed with CeCe's vintage White. My hubby didn't even want to load up this monster of a dresser when he first saw it. He thought that it was just to ugly...but I saw lots of great load it up we did. Again, I chose white and I love how it turned out.

7 feet of 9 gorgeous drawers and storage space...looking great.
So maybe I am out of style and maybe I don't know all of the technical gibber jab about color vocabulary....I do have a love affair with Vintage White.


  1. Wow, what a difference! Love it!!
    Have a great week!

    -Kim :)

  2. I have always like white! Those pieces turned out beautiful!

  3. What is the difference between Vintage White and Simply White? Does Vintage White have a more cream or 'yellow' look? I do have one piece that I would like to have a more brighter cleaner white. That hutch is a beauty! You don't know how I am kicking myself that I sold (lets say practically gave away!) a similar hutch at a garage sale not to mention some lovely oak end tables, sofa table and coffee table. This was 5 years ago before I ever heard of chalk paint. I just didn't want to be bothered painting the furniture with latex or oil based and deal with brush strokes and my style had changed. But now what I wouldn't give to have that furniture back (oh the pit in my stomach!) and give it this lovely finish! I do have rooms in my house where a piece here and there would fit in fine with my current style. Lessons learned!

  4. I hear ya Cheryl. Some of the pieces that I have let go before I heard of CeCe's Paint. The Vintage white is more of a cream color. I love the hutch too. Thanks so much. Leslie

  5. That is a truly amazing transformation! Fantastic!


  6. Loved your work so much! It turned out very well! I would love to try for my old pieces and make them new as my existing white bedroom furniture and hope to do as shown above. Thanks indeed for sharing this idea and great transformation.


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