Friday, December 16, 2011

An Exciting Announcment!!! We have CeCe Caldwell Paint!! The Newest Green Paint

We are so excited to announce that Orphaned Decor is the new Retailer for
 CeCe Caldwell Green Paint for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho!
CeCe's Paint requires no prep work, no sanding and no priming. It is all natural, no voc chalk and clay paint. This is the first green paint that is formulated for furniture...perfect for children's furniture. Even the can - can be recycled! This paint is also made in the USA!!
 Who is CeCe Caldwell?
CeCe Caldwell loves to make old new again. Home décor and painting furniture is her passion. She is also concerned with leaving this earth in better shape for future generations. She wanted paint with a wide color pallet focused toward American homes and trends that was also environmentally friendly. She demanded a sealing wax that could be used comfortably around children and pets.
CeCe started searching for a natural, eco-friendly paint but could not find what she wanted. She began to develop a paint that met her requirements: excellent adhesion to various surfaces without extensive prep work, no odor, no VOCs, no acrylic, non-toxic, and user-friendly for the DIYer while meeting the demanding needs of Decorative Artisans. The wax is non-petroleum based and natural. In addition to being better for you, your family and the environment, it goes on smoothly without any drag or streaking. CeCe Caldwell's Paints is painting made easy!
While using CeCe Caldwell's paints you can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Dated accessories can be transformed into today's focal points in your home with a bit of paint and imagination.  The paint's ability to adhere without prep to wood, plastic, masonry and metals gives you unlimited options to re-purpose items into treasures that fit your current style quickly and inexpensively.  Today's on-the-go person doesn't have time for extensive prep work, they want to paint and go.  They want it easy. CeCe Caldwell's Paints takes away the cost and time of prepping, allowing you to get to a finished project much quicker.  It’s just that simple!
An earth friendly paint made to RENEW yesterdays items, REPURPOSE forgotten treasures and REIMAGINE your home and garden is what CeCe Caldwell’s paint is all about.  Naturally Green in the Color of your CHOICE!  We hope you will have fun using our products. We hope to hear from you and see how you’ve REINVENTED your treasures.


Currently, there are 21 gorgeous colors with another 12 colors coming out the first of the year. A quart of paint is a reasonable $34.95 and the wax that contains NO Petrolium sells for $26.95 a pint and goes on like butter.
You can also mix colors to make your own special color. Here is the current palette.
This paint provides gorgeous finishes....take a look.

The paint should be in store the first week of January but we are taking orders now so that  you will be the first to have it to use.
There are some other amazing things coming from CeCe too....zincing is one of them.
We will be offering samples and classes in the near future.
House of Anne Leading Decorative Paint Products and Workshops in the World is giving away 21 cans of the new CeCe Caldwell Paint on Christmas Eve.
Spread the word!!

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  1. We are so excited about trying this new paint!! Julie and Sharon...just became your newest follower!


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