Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How do you find all of this great stuff?? We go pickin'!!

.People ask us all the time, "Where do you find all of this great stuff?" I usually tell them that I shop all of the time and that I am lucky to have a husband that does demolition and we find great stuff left behind. What I usually don't tell them is exactly where or in what condition we find things in.
It is hard for me to leave anything with any potential at all behind.....which means, I drag home almost everything. Call the Hoarders Show now.
I also hear all the time about how my customers would like to have a store like ours. What they don't know is that it is not as glamorous as they might think. But, I love what I do and know that I am blessed to get to dig through the barns and deserated places to find previously adored orphans.
It is like a treasure hunt everything single time we got out. Sometimes we find gold... sometimes just fools gold.
My hubby says that we should use before and after pics for our tags...that way our customers will know from which there orphan came...everyone loves the story. I am sometimes afraid that if my customers actually knew...they may not take anything home....lol.
Here are some pictures of our last Pickin' adventure.
It is usually a nice , long drive in the country with some great scenery.

And then you just get to it. Scouting out the overall pickins and then going through all of the piles for smaller goodies.

Look at that gorgeous carving on the back.

This chippy beauty is already sold.
Now over to the house and other out buildings.

The shelf and cute little black and white cart have also been adopted.

This is my sweety. He loves searching for treasure as much as I do.
Is that chicken....ummm, yes it is. It cleaned up mighty nice though and is ready for a new home.

So there you go...the glamorous life of a junk junky.
By the way, you can see some of the things that I found at the Ritter's Vintage Sale!!
November 6th and 7th.
Over 26 Vendors with great vintage and one of kind handmade gifts, furniture and home goods!!

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