Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It was a great show!!

The Two Women Show was great fun. The farm is gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the shoppers were happy. This was the perfect show for us. We had alot of great folks that came out to support all of the vendors. There was live music and the most unbelievably, delish homemade pie. I think over the two day show I ate at least half of one myself.

Here are a few pics of our booth. We didn't really have alot of time to take pictures - we basically got cleaned out the first couple of hours and I sent my junk hunk back to the store to pick up more goodies!!

I am ashamed to say that we didn't really get alot of pictures of the other great booths.

At first I went with the French Country look - but by the end of show we went with whatever we could find to fill the space. I learned an important lesson about what sells at the shows and how much more I need to prepare.
Much of the time there were so many people in our booth that it was tricky to help folks...which was nice.

The entire farm was gorgeously - it that a word - decorated with fall color. It was a perfect weekend.
The Two Women are having a Christmas sale....I think I may just have to spend some time with them again.
They have a great little shop on the back of the farm with vintage goodies, handmade jewelry and lots of terrific gifts. Stop by on the weekend and check it out.

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