Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't Judge a Book/Building by it's Cover?

The first of July, I will have been in my little store for a year. I have special things planned for my anniversary...but more about that later.
When you open a shop, there are many things to consider, size, traffic and mostly location, location, location.
I live in the neighborhood that our shop is located in. I love the neighborhood. A mix of older homes and neighborhood businesses. Nice lawns and gorgeous old buildings and homes. Growing up in the neighborhood, our shop was a square dance store for years and years. Gorgeous costumes and crinolines were everywhere.
The building that houses our little shop is on a corner, which is nice for parking and lots of room for me to be able to set goodies outside to entice customers to come inside and visit. Sometimes my girls (customers) will playfully curse me because I have put some sweet something outside that they just couldn't drive past. I also hear about how their car just swings around the corner when they try to drive by.
I also hear several times every single day..."I have driven past your store forever and today I decided to stop." Or " I drive by here all the time and I JUST saw your store." They are surprised when I tell them that I have been here for a year!! I hear how the inside of the store is so much nicer than they thought it would be. I always feel complimented when I hear that.
Last week I was across the street and looked back at our shop...It was more than sad. I guess what they say about love being blind is true. For one moment I saw the shop as others must see it. It is a cute little, non descript building with a god AWFUL paint job. The large area in the front where I thought I didn't really need a sign...well, I do. Nothing about the place says...please stop and visit.
I have over 35,000 cars drive by a day. I need to make the outside reflect all of the hard work that I do on the inside to make special things for my customers.
So being that I just renewed my lease for another year, I am changing things up.
Inside and out. I am adding additional sales space in the downstairs area....and well... you won't recognize the little building in just a few days.
Now, I am ashamed to say...this is what it looks like now....

Please visit in a few days to see the AFTER.


  1. Hi...Rowann from Antiques in Old Town in Georgia. Glad you found us ! Not sure what cupboard your looking at...The Cottage piece teal and gray with floral painting has already SOLD. The other grayish chest a few posts back ? Love your Shop Too...Looks so NEAT. My folks live in Spokane, wish I could Visit !

  2. When Im in the area again, I will stop for a visit :)
    Have a great day!!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful blog...
    Thank you for sharing! You are invited to
    come by my blog, too....

  4. I just stumbled on your blog, and I am excited to see your new look! Enjoying reading your posts -- and BTW, has "Baby" received a name yet? LOL!


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