Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gorgeous Deco Buffet, New Friends and New Candles!!!

This weekend I had the privilege of attending my son's wedding. It was nice and we had a great time visiting and getting to chat with some folks that we have not seen for awhile.
He was also kind enough to schedule it the day before the Oregon City Antique Street Fair.
My hubby and I headed over early and were greeted by about 50 vendors with gorgeous wares...Shame on me...I did not take any pics. I was a bit star struck!! I got to meet Isabelle from Mason Douce - she is an absolute doll. I got a big hug from her and she spent time asking about my shop and encouraged me to participate in "Farm Chics"....I want her to be my
I also met one of the Barn House Boys. I am not going to say which because I believe he thought I was crazy - I grabbed him by the arm and shouted "I read your Blog!!", as he was strolling by. I think I startled him. He just kind of looked at me and then was very gracious...also very handsome.
Last by not least I got to meet Joy from A day in the life. She is a hoot...she called my hubby vintage...don't tell him. What a great sense of humor and a beautiful booth. I am not sure why I didn't buy any of her feed sacks at just two dollars each..darn it...what was I thinking.
Anyway, we had a great time. I brought home some pretty goodies and toted home a deco buffet in the trunk of my car. My hubby gave me the usual (I can't believe you) "Sweety", when I announced that I was bringing it home.
It was blond and a little chippy but I loved its lines and especially loved it's unusual feet. I knew she had to come with me.
After getting her home I did a quick sanding and applied a couple coats of satin black. She also got some new brushed nickel knobs and a light distressing - which really brings out those fab lines.
I don't have any before pics but here are a few after pics.

These really do not do this piece justice.

Her legs are great!

A close up of the new hardware and distressing.
This piece is still available at the moment but I don't think she will last long. She can be yours for only $165.00
Today was an eventful day! I got a visitor from one of the local colleges and he said that he reads my blog!!! I was so flattered. What good taste he told him that I was glad that someone did and that I was just going to update it...I really was!
I also got in a shipment of hand poured, hand crafted candles from Valerie. She makes the most delicious smelling natural palm and soy candles. They burn forever and do not smoke or give off any soot. She uses re purposed containers and they are just beautiful.. Stop by and smell for yourself.
Well, I am off to do some more painting and re-arranging. I have some great items coming in for fall.
I hope you stop by and say hello soon. Mention my blog for 10% any purchase. Have a great day!!


  1. Just stopped by today for the first time after driving by for months ... knowing that I needed to stop in. So glad I did! Found the great little side table that I've been looking for! Yeah! Will be back very soon!

  2. We like your blog, we stumbled upon it. We saw that you were recommended by a few bloggers. Check out ours sometime.

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters


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