Monday, July 20, 2009

Tole Chandeliers for a Song!

This is my first contribution to Thrifty Treasures. I love the idea of getting share my "adoptions" and deals!! I also love to look at the other great treasures that my junking sisters find.

It was hot here in Spokane this weekend...almost 100. Alot of the yard sale folk were throwing in the towel early. Despite the heat I did get to a couple of sales and found a few loverly orphans.

I actually found two of these dirty faced, little Tole Chandeliers hiding in a box under the table. I got both for a song. They cleaned up nicely and work perfectly.
I have them already hanging in my shop...I may have to keep one. They look rather small in the pictures but they are actually on the larger side.

I also found a these lost items waiting to be taken home. I love the little metal tables with the cute little roses...maybe not vintage but non the less a bargain.
The mirror was an ugly brown but cleaned right up with some pink spray paint and a light sanding. The pedestal was already pink and the geisha...I just liked her.

This coming weekend is supposed to be hopefully there will be more treasures to be found.

Be sure to drop by Southern Hospitality and check out the other party goers!!


  1. Oh wow, I love EVERYTHING that you adopted! I would love to find one of those chandies for my porch, and that mirror is simply gorgeous!
    Great, great finds!!

  2. Love that chandelier! Beautiful!

  3. The chandelier is absolutely dreamy!

  4. Oh, those are so cute!! I love chandies like that. Thanks for joining the party this week.

  5. Love your finds! Love the mirror and little tables! So cute!

  6. Love your finds!!! Love the chandelier, LOVELY!!! Blessings, Janna

  7. Great finds. Love the chandy. I read your last /first post. Wow, go girl. I was thinking of setting up shop this year then my hubs lost his job last month. Never been in this position, I was a stay at home wife/mom and worked part time as a decorative painter til the biz kind of dried up. Now I feel like I need to find a "real" job. I will be visiting often, can't wait to watch your shop blossom. Pam

  8. Hi the chandeliers! Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog.... So happy to know you've seen my work on eBay.

    Blessings to your great finds! YOU GO GIRL! Please visit again. You are ALWAYS welcomed here!



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